While no one likes to talk about death, it is important for adults of any age to have their affairs in order.  Proper estate management ensures that your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets upon death are clearly outlined and upheld, and that your executor is left with an easy task of administering your estate.  Gain peace of mind by knowing that you are prepared in the event of tragedy, and that you can make changes to your established will and estate plan later on if needed or desired. 

We strongly encourage clients to revisit their estate plan every few years, particularly when there has been a significant life change, such as the birth of a child, marriage or divorce or a change in the value of your estate and nature of your assets.  These changes can sometimes leave previous wills void, or can result in a distribution of your estate in a way that is not in line with your current desires.

Signing Will

We can assist with the following documents: 

Will: A will is a legal document that outlines who will manage your property and affairs immediately following your passing, and how your wealth will be distributed.  It does not leave anyone with the power to manage your property or affairs while you are still alive.

Power of Attorney for Property: A Power of Attorney for Property is a legal document that outlines who can take on certain tasks for you, like managing your money and paying bills, if you are alive, but incapable of making these decisions for yourself.

Power of Attorney for Personal Care: A Power of Attorney for Personal Care is a legal document that outlines who can make your important medical decisions if you are alive and unable to do so yourself.

Health Care Directive: A Health Care directive is a document that expresses your wishes to your Power of Attorney for Personal Care, so they know whether you want to have heroic measures taken, or if you would prefer to die peacefully without intervention.


We are also able to assist trustees in all aspects of managing an estate through the administration process.

By preparing carefully today, you can leave your loved ones with peace of mind, not costly complications.  Contact us for a consultation.