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Unbundled Services

In unbundled services, we work with you in the background on your file, providing such information and services that you chose to retain us to provide, based on your specific needs.  These services may include providing information on the practical aspects of the court system and processes, assisting you in completing court forms, coaching you on how to present your case to a judge in an effective fashion, providing legal research and guidance, or in some circumstances, stepping in to provide representation at individual dates.  

When you hire Pamela Biron to work for you based on an unbundled services retainer, she will only complete the tasks you ask her to, and bill for the exact time spent completing these tasks. This means you can receive expert help and guidance on your matter, while remaining in control of the costs through choosing what work Pamela will complete, and what you are willing to take on yourself.  It requires diligence and dedication from you to ensure you follow the rules and complete the steps necessary, especially when in court, but can be a very effective option for clients who feel they are capable of managing their own file with a little background help.

Pamela Biron was one of the first lawyers to be listed in the Lawyer's Directory for Ontario's Family Law Limited Scope Services Project website, as she is in support of ensuring that self-represented litigants have the information they need to increase their chances of success while minimizing costs.  Click here to find out more about unbundled services and Ontario’s Family Law Limited Scope Services Project