Lady Justice


In Ontario, the Small Claims Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice. It currently deals with civil disputes of a monetary value of up to $25,000 (Canadian). In January of 2020, this limit for a claim will be raised to $35,000, not including interest and costs.  This means Small Claims court does not just deal with small amounts, but that matters with very large amount of money on the line are now being filtered into this simplified court process.  This is good news for the public, as the small claims court process helps expedite court dates, and provides quicker, more affordable access to justice.

In Ontario, the Small Claims Court hears claims for money owed under a variety of agreements, including unpaid accounts for goods or services, unpaid rent, and loans. Damages can also be claimed, including property damage, personal injuries, and damages for breaches of contract.

While the process is more simplified and straightforward, completing, filing and serving court documentation and attending in front of a judge to explain your case can be a daunting task.  Pamela is always happy to try and make this process easier on you by taking on the tasks that concern you the most.  Most often, clients either work with Pamela to provide full representation, or hire her solely to assist in drafting the court paperwork required.

To work with Pamela on a small claims court matter, contact us for an appointment.